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Kubernetes v1.28 documentation is no longer actively maintained. The version you are currently viewing is a static snapshot. For up-to-date information, see the latest version.

Posts in 2023

  • New Experimental Features in Gateway API v1.0

    Tuesday, November 28, 2023 in Blog

    Authors: Candace Holman (Red Hat), Dave Protasowski (VMware), Gaurav K Ghildiyal (Google), John Howard (Google), Simone Rodigari (IBM) Recently, the Gateway API announced its v1.0 GA release, marking a huge milestone for the project. Along with …

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  • Spotlight on SIG Testing

    Friday, November 24, 2023 in Blog

    Author: Sandipan Panda Welcome to another edition of the SIG spotlight blog series, where we highlight the incredible work being done by various Special Interest Groups (SIGs) within the Kubernetes project. In this edition, we turn our attention to …

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  • The Case for Kubernetes Resource Limits: Predictability vs. Efficiency

    Thursday, November 16, 2023 in Blog

    Author: Milan Plžík (Grafana Labs) There’s been quite a lot of posts suggesting that not using Kubernetes resource limits might be a fairly useful thing (for example, For the Love of God, Stop Using CPU Limits on Kubernetes or Kubernetes: Make your …

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  • Kubernetes Removals, Deprecations, and Major Changes in Kubernetes 1.29

    Thursday, November 16, 2023 in Blog

    Authors: Carol Valencia, Kristin Martin, Abigail McCarthy, James Quigley, Hosam Kamel As with every release, Kubernetes v1.29 will introduce feature deprecations and removals. Our continued ability to produce high-quality releases is a testament to …

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  • Introducing SIG etcd

    Tuesday, November 07, 2023 in Blog

    Authors: Han Kang (Google), Marek Siarkowicz (Google), Frederico Muñoz (SAS Institute) Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are a fundamental part of the Kubernetes project, with a substantial share of the community activity happening within them. When the …

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  • Kubernetes Contributor Summit: Behind-the-scenes

    Friday, November 03, 2023 in Blog

    Author : Frederico Muñoz (SAS Institute) Every year, just before the official start of KubeCon+CloudNativeCon, there's a special event that has a very special place in the hearts of those organizing and participating in it: the Kubernetes Contributor …

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  • Spotlight on SIG Architecture: Production Readiness

    Thursday, November 02, 2023 in Blog

    Author: Frederico Muñoz (SAS Institute) This is the second interview of a SIG Architecture Spotlight series that will cover the different subprojects. In this blog, we will cover the SIG Architecture: Production Readiness subproject. In this SIG …

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  • Gateway API v1.0: GA Release

    Tuesday, October 31, 2023 in Blog

    Authors: Shane Utt (Kong), Nick Young (Isovalent), Rob Scott (Google) On behalf of Kubernetes SIG Network, we are pleased to announce the v1.0 release of Gateway API! This release marks a huge milestone for this project. Several key APIs are …

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  • Introducing ingress2gateway; Simplifying Upgrades to Gateway API

    Wednesday, October 25, 2023 in Blog

    Authors: Lior Lieberman (Google), Kobi Levi (independent) Today we are releasing ingress2gateway, a tool that can help you migrate from Ingress to Gateway API. Gateway API is just weeks away from graduating to GA, if you haven't upgraded yet, now's …

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  • Plants, process and parties: the Kubernetes 1.28 release interview

    Tuesday, October 24, 2023 in Blog

    Author: Craig Box Since 2018, one of my favourite contributions to the Kubernetes community has been to share the story of each release. Many of these stories were told on behalf of a past employer; by popular demand, I've brought them back, now …

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