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Kubernetes Community Steering Committee Election Results

Beginning with the announcement of Kubernetes 1.0 at OSCON in 2015, there has been a concerted effort to share the power and burden of leadership across the Kubernetes community.

With the work of the Bootstrap Governance Committee, consisting of Brandon Philips, Brendan Burns, Brian Grant, Clayton Coleman, Joe Beda, Sarah Novotny and Tim Hockin - a cross section of long-time leaders representing 5 different companies with major investments of talent and effort in the Kubernetes Ecosystem - we wrote an initial Steering Committee Charter and launched a community wide election to seat a Kubernetes Steering Committee.

To quote from the Charter -

The initial role of the steering committee is to instantiate the formal process for Kubernetes governance. In addition to defining the initial governance process, the bootstrap committee strongly believes that it is important to provide a means for iterating the processes defined by the steering committee. We do not believe that we will get it right the first time, or possibly ever, and won’t even complete the governance development in a single shot. The role of the steering committee is to be a live, responsive body that can refactor and reform as necessary to adapt to a changing project and community.

This is our largest step yet toward making an implicit governance structure explicit. Kubernetes vision has been one of an inclusive and broad community seeking to build software which empowers our users with the portability of containers. The Steering Committee will be a strong leadership voice guiding the project toward success.

The Kubernetes Community is pleased to announce the results of the 2017 Steering Committee Elections. Please congratulate Aaron Crickenberger, Derek Carr, Michelle Noorali, Phillip Wittrock, Quinton Hoole and Timothy St. Clair , who will be joining the members of the Bootstrap Governance committee on the newly formed Kubernetes Steering Committee. Derek, Michelle, and Phillip will serve for 2 years. Aaron, Quinton, and Timothy will serve for 1 year.

This group will meet regularly in order to clarify and streamline the structure and operation of the project. Early work will include electing a representative to the CNCF Governing Board, evolving project processes, refining and documenting the vision and scope of the project, and chartering and delegating to more topical community groups.

Please see the full Steering Committee backlog for more details.